GURPS: Red Sky

Death Curse, Chapter 4

Sofia falls back into her body. Her first action is, as per normal, to free herself from the magical shackles. She then proceeds to make tea to best determine her next course of action. Seeking out Bon-Bon, she outlines her request for the dewdrop faerie to scout out Fairview once more. Not being an especially powerful fae, Bon-Bon only partially recalls their previous conversation but once more agrees to undertake this task for a pizza party.

Once the rest of the team arrives, she lays out the situation and convinces everyone that a discussion with Special Agent Curtmantle is in order as he seems to have some sort of connection to this mess, what with how frequently Brandon has seen him at the same spots that Doctor Solomon has struck.

With Jack Carter and Howard Lee being aware that Agent Curtmantle was planning on heading to the Devon Tower, that is their destination. Lee attempts to call his boss, but the call goes straight to voicemail. This does not trouble them too terribly.

Upon arriving outside the Devon, the team discovers that Agent Curtmantle is present … and is meeting with Diana Raith. The White Court Vampire is visibly angry and Sofia quickly casts a spell that allows her to eavesdrop. She quickly learns that Curtmantle is trying to calm the vampire down and he appears to be successful as she heads back into the building, although not before giving Curtmantle a decidedly intimate kiss.

The team shadow Agent Curtmantle to his condominium apartment; he calls Lee as he enters and suggests they go ahead come up since they clearly have things to discuss. Upstairs, they discover Curtmantle appears to own the entire top floor and has converted entire rooms into arsenals, both of the modern type and the ancient. When he greets Sofia with a handshake, she is able to tell that he is a practitioner, albeit a much weaker one than she is. She is aware that his magical aura is remarkably intense, however. Stunningly so.

They discuss the situation and, from Curtmantle who implies that he has been around a lot longer than he would appear. Thousands of years ago, before mankind even had writing, the Faceless King first possessed a tribal shaman in some tiny part of Africa. Its goal has always been chaos – it is not quite an Outsider but neither is it truly Fae, though the Sidhe consider it as such. As far as Curtmantle is aware, the Faceless King’s ultimate goal is to open up a direct portal to some chaos dimension and let free the denizens of that place upon Earth.

Three hundred and fifty years ago (the ominous year of 1666), the Faceless King nearly broke free. Curtmantle, along with a White Council wizard gone rogue, and a Cherokee warband were able to contain this almost escape by bounding the spiritual essence of the escaped into the bodies of the warband. Each of the Cherokee had volunteered for this task, no matter that they knew it meant their deaths. The wizard destroyed himself ensuring that the bodies would not rot and could not escape while Curtmantle took the bodies west where he buried them deep in the Earth.

Bon-Bon returns while they are discussing this and Sofia is startled to discover that the dewdrop faerie is torn up and pretty badly wounded. The faerie also is irritated – there were wards all over the place and it was not a fair view after all. In fact, it was boring. Bon-Bon further reveals that the thing wearing Solomon’s face was raising the dead at the Fairview cemetery and then spoke with the Raised in a language that made Bon-Bon’s ears bleed before instructing the humans with their lips sewn shut to “gather his monkeys and … something … the camp bell feel.”

Armed with this knowledge, Agent Curtmantle and the team identify what they believe is the place Bon-Bon was referring to: the East Campbell Gas Field, which is one of the largest oil storage hubs in the world. They begin planing to make an excursion there, with Agent Curtmantle causing a distraction by calling in a terror threat to Fairview.

  • Points awarded: 2. Bonus to LabRat – she drove most of this session again.
  • I was pretty unsatisfied with this session – although we missed last week due to various work-related emergencies, I did not do enough prep work and was also absurdly, stupidly tired, which resulted in a pretty sub-standard session. None of the blame falls on the players – it was all on me.
  • We also didn’t get a lot done in this session, both due to my fairly pretty poor preparation and because a friend of ours stopped in to chat in the middle of the game.



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