Adelle DeWitt

Brillian Scientist


Dr. Adelle DeWitt is a scientist connected to the OBI investigation. She is the ‘face’ of the Dyad Institute. Despite being British, she has recently been observed speaking with a heavy Russian accent.

She is also a person of interest to Agent Howard Lee.

As of 22 December 2015, she is much older-looking and appears to be something of a caster, although Sofia considers her to be desperate, half-trained or simply a moron (perhaps all three) for her foolish carving of prepared conditional rituals into her flesh. It seems highly likely that she is suffering from “Terminal Illness” due to the above foolishness.

At the very least, DeWitt has broken the Second Law of Magic – Thou shalt not transform others – and has likely also broken the Fifth: Thou shalt not reach beyond the borders of life.

DeWitt … or Dorjiev, depending, perished on Christmas Day, 2015, when Matias Torres disrupted her (his?) attempts to flee to the Nevernever with a well-thrown knife. The resulting magical backlash did not quite kill her but the multiple-storey fall to the pavement outside did.

 Adelle DeWitt

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