Cosima Niehaus

OSBI Lab Tech


A new lab tech at OSBI. Agent Howard Lee is seriously, seriously freaked out over her appearance – she’s the spitting image (admittedly with glasses and dreadlocks) of Beth Childs, whose death he investigated. Recently, she and Jack Carter discovered their close genetic relationship and have opted to treat one another as siblings (since that’s what the medical tests hint at.)

To the great disappointment of straight male geeks everywhere who might foolishly think they have a chance with her, Cosima is a lesbian.

As of Christmas, 2015, Cosima has been officially listed as a missing person. In reality, she is in a coffin with stasis glyphs upon them; this coffin is currently stored in Bavinger House where Sofia Torres is attempting to determine a way to reverse Ms. Niehaus’ vampiric condition.

Cosima Niehaus

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