Ebenezar McCoy

Senior Wizard of the White Council ... and the Blackstaff


Ebenezar McCoy is a Senior Council member on the White Council of Wizards. He holds the secret position of Blackstaff, a covert wetworks position, he’s held for at least a century or longer.

As an established member of the White Council, Ebenezar is fluent in Latin. He also penned a text on magical ethics and the basic mechanics that govern the use of magic, titled Elementary Magic. It is commonly given to novice practitioners by their master.

His magical talents are significant, ranked as the 7th most powerful member of the Senior Council at the time of his nomination, but the most experienced in direct mayhem. Considered the heavyweight champion of wizards when it comes to conflict and duels, he could reasonably be expected to overcome Donald Morgan, the most notorious Warden on the Council in his day.

His forte has been shown to be terramancy and kinetomancy, and the associated manipulation of gravity, force and electromagnitism. Examples being pounding structures to rubble, tossing creatures half a mile away with a gesture, and dragging objects out of orbit to turn them into comet like projectiles.

Ebenezar McCoy

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