S.A. Curtmantle

Supervisory Special Agent


A fifteen year veteran, Arthur Curtmantle is currently in charge of the Special Investigations Division (SID), also known as the Ghost Squad, which many of his colleagues considered a demotion, even though he actively pressed for the assignment. As an active field agent, he has the best closure rate in the bureau although his methods are sometimes considered … extreme and he has been reprimanded four times for excessive force. The words most frequently used in the law enforcement community to describe him are driven, loyal and resourceful. Dangerous is also another word commonly associated with him.

Curtmantle has never married but has been recently observed on what appear to be dates with Diana Raith.

As Howard Lee has discovered, he is also an expert swordsman. He has never competed in any HEMA events, but every one of the champions who have tried their luck against him in unofficial bouts has lost.

Sofia Torres later learned that Curtmantle appeared to be immortal, but officially, he was listed as killed during the SWAT raid on Fairview during volume V. She suspects he faked his death because someone had learned about his secret.

 S.A. Curtmantle

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