Thaddeus Solomon

White Council Wizard and Grumpy Old Man


Very little about this character’s true history is known. His current cover story is that he is a guest lecturer at the University of Oklahoma in the area of occult studies. By his accent, he is originally British and he has a reputation among both the students and faculty as being an irascible old curmudgeon who tolerates very little lip. For his age, he is strangely intimidating – no one seems capable of meeting his eyes when he’s on a tirade – and he is never seen without a cane, although there are many doubts as to whether he actually needs it.

His apprentice, however, has learned more. A Wizard in his mid-300s, he is more of a researcher and scholar than actual wizard, but can throw down if absolutely necessary. He has an arrangement with the president of OU that allows him to act as a guest lecturer on the occult, and has a reputation among both the students and faculty. Originally British, he came to America in the late 1800s and eventually settled in Oklahoma nearly a century ago.

Once, he was among the greatest of the Wardens, but during the first Kemmler hunt in the 1890s, he suffered the necromancer’s death curse. As a result, his powers were significantly curtailed, which prompted him to resign from his Warden position.

Doctor Solomon was revealed to have been possessed by Nihancan and spent his death curse ensuring that the creature was stopped. Solomon had time enough to apologize to his student for failing her before chastising her briefly for not doing a good enough job in taking down a ward.

 Thaddeus Solomon

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