Sofia Torres

Wizard and Guardian of Bavinger House


Sofia Torres

446 points

ST 10 [0]; DX 11 [20]; IQ 13 [60]; HT 13 [30].
Damage 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lb; HP 13 [6]; Will 13 [0]; Per 13 [0]; FP 15* [0].
Basic Speed 6.00 [0]; Basic Move 6 [0]; Dodge 9.
5’ 9"; 145.

Social Background

TL: 8 [0].
Languages: English (Native) [0]; Latin (Native) [6]; Spanish (Native) [0]; Swahili (Broken/None) [1].

Templates and Meta-Traits

Accidental Hero (Monster Hunters; p. MH1:6) [0]; Lethwei (Martial Arts; p. MA186) [0]; Quarterstaff (Martial Arts; p. MA192) [0].


Appearance (Attractive) [4]; Extended Lifespan (x4) [4]; Extra Fatigue Points 2 (Affects FP, +0%) [6]; Illuminated [15]; Longevity [2]; Luck (Bound Magical Item (uses 1 conditional ritual slot); Aspected (When Using Magic), -20%; Magical, -10%; Ring, -25%) [7]; Magery 0 [5]; Magery 5 [50]; Mind Shield 5 (Bound Magical Item (uses 1 conditional ritual slot); Magical, -10%; Necklace, -35%) [11]; Occultist 1 [10]; Patrons (The White Council; 6 or less, *1/2; Minimal Intervention, -50%) [5]; Ritual Adept [40]; Sorcery Talent 2 [20]; Soul Gaze [6]; Spell: JIPATIA (Can heal 1d of injury (Sorcery, p17); Affects Self, +50%; Cannot restore crippled limbs, -10%; Capped (2 FP), -25%; Injuries Only, -20%; Magical, -10%; Reduced Fatigue Cost (+1), +20%; Sorcery Spell, -90%) [6]; Spell: JUA MOTO 4 (Burning Attack; Nuisance Effect: Reflective, -5%; Sorcery, -15%; Sorcery Spell, -80%) [4]; Spell: KUACHA (Neutralize Magic (Own spells only)) [2]; Spell: MOTO 4 (Burning Attack; Blockable (can be blocked with shield), -5%; Increased Range (x2), +10%; Increased Range (1/2D Range only) (x2), +5%; Jet, +0%; Sorcery, -15%; Sorcery Power Reduction, -80%; Variable, +5%) [4]; Spell: NGAO 1 (DR 20 for 1 minute, front only, Visible; Advantage (Shield 1) (+40), +400%; Fixed Duration (1 minute), +0%; Sorcery, -15%; Visible (+1), -10%) [48]; Spell: UPEPO 3 (Crushing Attack; Blockable (can be blocked with shield), -5%; Cosmic (Knockback based damage on diffuse targets), +50%; No Blunt Trauma, -20%; No Wounding, -50%; Double Knockback, +20%; Increased Range (1/2D Range only) (x2), +5%; Increased Range (Max Range only) (x2), +5%; Jet, +0%; Sorcery, -15%; Sorcery Reduction, -80%) [3]; Spell: YATANGAZA (See Invisible (Magical); Sorcery, -15%; Sorcery Power Reduction (to get to -80% of total), -114%; True Sight, +50%) [4]; Unusual Background (Wizard Student) [10]; Wealth (Comfortable) [10].
Perks: Brave; Grip Mastery (Staff); Ritual Mastery (FUNGULIKA (Gate to Nevernever)); Ritual Mastery (MBELE UCHAWI (Mage Sight)); Ritual Mastery (SILAHA (Armor)). [5]


Code of Honor (White Council Wizard) [-15]; Curious (12 or less, *1) [-5]; Duty (To the White Council; 12 or less (quite often); Involuntary, -5) [-15]; Flashbacks (Mild) [-5]; Intolerance (Red Court Vampires; One group) [-5]; Odious Personal Habit -1 (Cryptic) [-5]; Overconfidence (12 or less, *1) [-5]; Sense of Duty (Wizard Solomon, your mentor; Individual) [-2]; Technology Hates You [-15]; Weirdness Magnet [-15].
Quirks: Glimpses of Clarity (When facing demons) (PU6: 19); Hates following outdated decorum; Hums to herself when nervous; Obsessed with this southern cuisine called BBQ; Practices Cello everyday; Sooner football season ticket holder. [-6]


Acting (A) IQ-1 [1]-12; Administration (A) IQ-5 [0]-8; Alchemy/TL8 (VH) IQ-2 [2]-11; Area Knowledge (OKC) (E) IQ [1]-13; Area Knowledge (The Nevernever) (E) IQ [1]-13; Body Language (Human) (A) Per-5 [0]-8; Carousing (E) HT-4 [0]-9; Climbing (A) DX-1 [1]-10; Connoisseur (Moytorcycle) (A) IQ-1 [1]-12; Detect Lies (H) Per-5 [0]-8; Diplomacy (H) IQ-1 [2]-12; Driving/TL8 (Motorcycle) (A) DX-1 [1]-10; Fast-Talk (A) IQ-1 [1]-12; Guns/TL8 (Pistol) (E) DX+1 [2]-12; Hidden Lore (Demon Lore) (A) IQ+1 [2]-14†; Hidden Lore (Faerie Lore) (A) IQ+1 [2]-14†; Hidden Lore (Sacred Places) (A) IQ [1]-13†; Hidden Lore (Things Man Was Not Meant To Know) (A) IQ [1]-13†; Hidden Lore (Vampires) (A) IQ+1 [2]-14†; Hiking (A) HT-5 [0]-8; Innate Attack (Beam) (E) DX+3 [2]-14‡; Intimidation (A) Will-4 [0]-9; Judo (H) DX-1 [2]-10; Karate (H) DX-1 [6]-10; Leadership (A) IQ-5 [0]-8; Mechanic/TL8 (Motorcycle) (A) IQ-1 [1]-12; Meditation (H) Will-2 [1]-11; Merchant (A) IQ-5 [0]-8; Musical Instrument (Cello) (H) IQ-1 [2]-12; Observation (A) Per-1 [1]-12; Occultism (A) IQ+1 [2]-14†; Path of Body (VH) IQ [4]-13; Path of Chance (VH) IQ [4]-13; Path of Crossroads (VH) IQ+2 [12]-15; Path of Energy (VH) IQ+2 [12]-15; Path of Magic (VH) IQ+3 [16]-16; Path of Matter (VH) IQ+1 [8]-14; Path of Mind (VH) IQ-1 [0]-12; Path of Spirit (VH) IQ [4]-13; Path of Undead (VH) IQ-1 [0]-12; Psychology (Human) (H) IQ-1 [2]-12; Public Speaking (A) IQ-1 [1]-12; Research/TL8 (A) IQ [1]-13†; Running (A) HT-1 [1]-12; Savoir-Faire (High Society) (E) IQ-4 [0]-9; Sex Appeal (Human) (A) HT-2 [0]-11§; Staff (A) DX+1 [4]-12; Stealth (A) DX-1 [1]-10; Streetwise (A) IQ-5 [0]-8; Symbol Drawing (Ritual Magic) (H) IQ+1 [8]-14; Teaching (A) IQ [2]-13; Thaumatology (VH) IQ+8 [16]-21¶; Writing (A) IQ-1 [1]-12.
Techniques: Arm Lock (Staff) (A) [0]-12; Armed Grapple (Staff) (H) [0]-10; Back Strike (Staff) (H) [0]-10; Choke Hold (Staff) (H) [0]-9; Disarming (Staff) (H) [0]-12; Elbow Strike (Karate) (A) [1]-9; Feint (Staff) (H) [0]-12; Head Butt (Karate) (H) [0]-9; Jam (Karate) (H) [0]-7; Kicking (Karate) (H) [0]-8; Knee Strike (Karate) (A) [1]-10; Leg Grapple (DX) (H) [0]-11; Push Kick (Karate) (H) [2]-8; Roll with Blow (Judo) (H) [0]-8; Spinning Kick (Karate) (H) [0]-7; Spinning Punch (Karate) (H) [0]-8; Sweep (Judo) (H) [0]-7; Sweep (Staff) (H) [0]-9; Targeted Attack (Karate Kick/Leg) (H) [0]-6; Uppercut (Karate) (A) [0]-9.


* Includes +2 from ‘Extra Fatigue Points’.
† Includes +1 from ‘Occultist’.
‡ Includes +2 from ‘Sorcery Talent’.
§ Includes +1 from ‘Appearance’.
¶ Includes +1 from ‘Occultist’, +5 from ‘Magery’.


1× Powerstone (Energy 25; $12000); 1× Quarterstaff (Balanced; Fine; $12050; 4 lb).


[None]: Basic 20 lb. Ground Move 6 yd; Water Move 1 yd; Jump 6 yd. Dodge 9.
Light: Basic 40 lb. Ground Move 4 yd; Water Move 1 yd; Jump 4 yd. Dodge 8.
Medium: Basic 60 lb. Ground Move 3 yd; Water Move 1 yd; Jump 3 yd. Dodge 7.
Heavy: Basic 120 lb. Ground Move 2 yd; Water Move 1 yd; Jump 2 yd. Dodge 6.
X-Heavy: Basic 200 lb. Ground Move 1 yd; Water Move 1 yd; Jump 1 yd. Dodge 5.


Parry: 8 (DX). Block: 6 (DX). Dodge: 9. DR: 0 (Torso).

Melee Attacks

Bite (11): 1d-3 cr. Reach C.
Elbow Strike Karate (9): 1d-3 cr. Reach C.
Head Butt Karate (9): 1d-3 cr. Reach C.
Karate • Punch (10): 1d-3 cr. Reach C.
Karate • Kick (8): 1d-2 cr. Reach C,1.
Kick (9): 1d-2 cr. Reach C,1.
Knee Strike Karate (10): 1d-2 cr. Reach C.
Punch (11): 1d-3 cr. Reach C.
Push Kick Karate (8): 1d-2 x2 nw dkb. Reach C,1.
Quarterstaff • Staff swing (13): 1d+2 cr. Reach 1,2.
Quarterstaff • Staff thrust (13): 1d cr. Reach 1,2.
Quarterstaff • Sword swing (7): 1d+2 cr. Reach 1,2.
Quarterstaff • Sword thrust (7): 1d-1 cr. Reach 2.
Uppercut Karate (9): 1d-2 cr. Reach C.

Ranged Attacks

Spell: JUA MOTO Burning Attack (14): 4d bu. Acc 3. Range 10 yd / 100 yd. RoF 1.
Spell: MOTO Burning Attack (14): 4d bu. Range 20 yd / 20 yd. RoF Jet.
Spell: NGAO DR 20 for 1 minute, front only, Visible (13): HT±0 aff. Acc 3. Range 10 yd / 100 yd. RoF 1.
Spell: UPEPO Crushing Attack (14): 3d cr nbt nw dbk. Range 10 yd / 20 yd. RoF Jet.


Has paid full price for Ngao spell so she can utilize TWO spells simultaneously (see sidebar, Thaumatology: Sorcery, p8). This way, she can throw up her shield and then begin blasting away with fire or air. These are essentially quick & dirty "evocations" - don’t forget her ritual path magic.

JIPATIA - can heal 1d of non-crippling injury (See Thaumatology: Sorcery, p17: Minor Healing) - Dresden-verse limitation: cannot use this on a character more than once a week.

JUA MOTO - literally "sunfire", 4d burning, does 5d vs Red/Black Court. (See Thaumatology: Sorcery, p19: Sunbolt) - Special Effect: Modified by time of day. Increasingly difficult to cast at night.

KUACHA - cancels ongoing spell effects she has running.

MOTO - is her ‘fuego’ flame jet

NGAO - is her Shield

UPEPO - is an air blast but could be described as simple kinetic damage

YATANGAZA - this is effectively her Wizard’s Sight.

Each above spell costs 1 FP to activate and 2 secs to cast. Unless you cast it immediately before (in which case it only taks 1 sec to cast.)


Sofía’s bike

Sofía Isabel Contreras was born on the outskirts of Puerto Natales, Chile, in 1964, making her 52 (as of 2016). Her mother was a low-level talent who identified her abilities shortly after puberty and reached out to an old contact – Thaddeus Solomon. Upon testing her, Solomon decided to taken the 12-year under his wing and instruct her. This was 1976, which was firmly in the middle of the Pinochet Era, so he kept them both under the radar. As a result, no one in the Council even knew that Solomon had taken on a new apprentice.

Ten years later (1986), Sofía met Eduardo Torres and fell madly in love with him. Despite Solomon’s protests, she married Eduardo and within the year gave birth to twins, Matias and Maria. The family was happy and Solomon had to admit that Eduardo made Sofía happy.

Her children were the light of her life and little Maria adopted many of her habits, including the cello. Sofía was not especially surprised to discover that her daughter was magically gifted as well. Solomon dropped in on the family from time to time, keeping an eye on his apprentice, and in general, just being grandfatherly. When Maria’s gifts began to manifest, Sofía taught her how to control them, but her daughter was uninterested in becoming a wizard. She was too interested in other facets of life.

As she grew older, Sofía’s slow aging was the envy of many a woman in their small town, but none thought her ill because she was such a lovely soul.

And then … the Red Court entered their lives. Eduardo left for Brazil for a job, but never returned which struck Sofía hard. She was resilient, however, and more than strong enough to keep on providing for her children, now nearly grown. As the evidence mounted that the Red Court was responsible, Sofía reached out to Solomon and asked for assistance.

It would come too late.

The exact specifics of what happened on that day are not clear, but the Red Court in Puerto Natales went on a killing rampage. Sofía saw her beloved Maria torn to shreds by blood-mad vampires and, in the last moments of her daughter’s life, made the mistake of triggering a soulgaze with the younger woman.

And she went insane.

By the time Solomon arrived, it was over. There were corpses everywhere – of vampires, of humans, of things that might have once been one or the other but were now too badly burned to identify – and there, kneeling in the center of the carnage, unharmed, was Sofía Torres. She was still clutching the body of her daughter to her chest, but he could see that she had suffered an emotional break. When she addressed him in the manner of her daughter, he used his Sight to look upon her and realized what had happened. Thinking quickly, he nearly killed himself triggering a mild earthquake to hide the worst of the damage before summoning an old friend of his … the Blackstaff.

Ebenezar McCoy investigated (discreetly) and confirmed Solomon’s theories. Together, they concocted the story about what happened and presented her before the Council as a newly manifested talent who could not be blamed for her actions. Solomon declared her as his apprentice and took her to Oklahoma, hoping that time would heal her fractured mind.

As of February 12, 2016, she has regained her full memory.


One day Solomon dropped a small white ball of fluff onto her desk with a remark about how she had nothing she cared about here in the states. He told the little dog was now her charge and to take care of it. At first she didn’t know what to make of this small puppy, but she took it home, scraped up enough money to get the necessary supplies, and decided to name him Sprite due to his tiny frame and slender build. Little did she know that the name was apt. Sprite might as well been Fey touched. He developed this uncanny ability to move from place to place in a split second without making a sound. He was also exceedingly intelligent for his species. When Sofía questioned Solomon about his origins, he would always answer by giving no answer at all.

Unfortunately, during a training session, Sofía deflected one of Solomon’s spells poorly and ended up striking little Sprite. As a result, he was left mostly hairless. When Sofia asked Solomon to restore her pet, he refused. He told her that this was to serve as a reminder that personal failures often end up affecting those we love. It was something Sofia took very much to heart.

Sofia Torres

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