Tag: Mundane


  • Mick Cornett

    *Mick Cornett* (born c. 1958) is the current mayor of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States, having served in that position since 2004. He is only the fourth mayor in Oklahoma City history to be elected to three terms, and is the first to have been …

  • Allison Sanchez

    Allison Sanchez joined KFOR-TV from Dallas, Texas, where she worked with KTVT. Prior to reporting in Dallas, Allison worked as an Assignment Editor at FOX 5 in Las Vegas. She received her degree in Journalism and Media Studies at the University of Las …

  • Father Cristián

    A new priest at St. Joseph Old Cathedral, Cristián Arreaza is very clearly aware of the more supernatural elements of the world. On 5/5/2014, he enlisted the aid of [[:thaddeus-solomon | Wizard Solomon]] and [[:the-apprentice-1 | Sofía Torres]] to aid in …

  • Officer Yokas

    Local police officer. She participated in the raid against [[:enrique-hernandez | Enrique Hernandez's]] trailer on 5/5/2014, and in the course of these duties, was shot. Her injuries are not considered life-threatening.

  • Officer Boscorelli

    Local police officer. He participated in the raid against [[:enrique-hernandez | Enrique Hernandez's]] trailer on 5/5/2014, and as a result, was nearly killed. He is currently listed in critical condition, but the responding EMTs indicate that he would …

  • Officer Davis

    Local police officer. He responded to a drunk and disorderly call (at 9 in the morning!) on 5/5/2014 where he became engaged in a brawl with [[:the-criminal | Robert Mankiller]] who fled the scene. After giving chase, Officer Davis encountered a being of …

  • S.A. Hawkins

    Supervisory Special Agent. The boss of both [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] and [[:the-seeker-2 | Jack Carter]], he is quite frequently stressed out by his best agents' utter refusal to play by the rules or follow the book.

  • Officer Sullivan

    Local police officer. He responded to a drunk and disorderly call (at 9 in the morning!) on 5/5/2014 where he became engaged in a brawl with [[:the-criminal | Robert Mankiller]] who fled the scene. After giving chase, Officer Sullivan encountered a being …

  • Detective Gray

    A detective in the OKCPD, Detective Gray can legitimately be considered [[:the-grifter | Brandon Harris']] nemesis, and all because Brandon once cheated the detective's mom out of a measly $20 some ten years ago.

  •  Madeline Costley

    Not much is known about Madeline. She lives next door to [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] and has expressed at least a cautious interest in him, though it took him a while to realize this. Because he's slow. In the head. Madeline was murdered by unknown …

  • Mike Massey

    Ex-Army kickboxer who runs the gym where [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] is a regular; helped him get through some of the "darker" times

  • Oswald Moriarty

    aka John Smith before he legally changed his name to something much cooler (in his mind.) He claims to be a psychic and is occasionally used by gullible law enforcement types in rural OK, but [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] thinks he's a fraud and busts …

  • Dr. Irene Waller

    Unflappable B-movie-fan, Dr. Waller seems to be unfazed by everything and derives a worrisome amount of glee at grossing out the law enforcement officers who visit her. Along with most everyone else, [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] calls her "Doc Morbid."

  • Adina Levy

    Adina is a native Israeli, who has come to OU on an exchange scholarship program. She is [[:the-apprentice-1 | Sofia’s]] neighbor in the dumpy little apartments where they both reside. She was also the first friend Sofia made when she came to Oklahoma. …

  • Will Roice

    Will is a fellow grad student and TA at the University. He and [[:the-apprentice-1 | Sofia]] often keep each other company when burning the midnight oil in special collections at Bizzell. Sometimes they grab a beer at The Library and talk about their …

  • Bruce Sheets

    Single neighbor of [[:the-seeker-2 | Jack Carter]]; He’s always trying to set Jack up. Jack has let him a couple of times, so that he would stop nagging him about not dating any women.

  • Larry Terry

    Petty felon:was attempting to rob a bank but [[:the-seeker-2 | Jack]] happened to be there and was able to talk him out of it. Vowed to get Jack one day.

  •  Victor Schmidt

    [[:madeline-costley | Madeline's]] ex-boyfriend. On the evening of 5/5/2014. Agent [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] had a physical altercation with him and left Victor bleeding in the stairwell. On 6/16/2014, Lee received a call from Mr. Schmidt and …

  • Cosima Niehaus

    A new lab tech at OSBI. Agent [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] is seriously, seriously freaked out over her appearance - she's the spitting image (admittedly with glasses and dreadlocks) of [[:beth-childs | Beth Childs]], whose death he investigated. …

  • Priya Tsetsang

    An old girlfriend of [[:the-grifter | Brandon's]], Pri is a "working girl." As of Chapter 5 of "Clean Slate" (10/30/2016), Sofía is aware that she appears to be the Host for the Denarian known as Penemuel. She does not know further specifics.

  • Sharon Lee

    Ex-wife of [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]], she currently resides in Tulsa but has family in OKC so she frequently visits.

  • S.A. Moretti

    An ATF special agent, *Kara Moretti* has been assigned the job of investigating the Bricktown Ballpark explosion. She's since been assigned to Oklahoma City and has poked around in more than a few of the OSBI's recent stranger cases.

  • T. Solomon III

    The grandson of Doctor Solomon, Thad is a prominent lawyer who is aware of his grandfather's secrets. All of them. For the last twenty years, the two Solomons have met for coffee in London where they discuss their respective lives. As a result of this, …

  • S.A. Flores

    An on-again, off-again flame for [[:the-gunslinger | Matias Torres]], Miranda Flores is probably his most effective contact and ally. He met her when she was posing as a journalist and, indeed, that is her principal cover identity which is something he is …

  • Hector Muñoz

    A lifelong gangmember, Hector has risen through the ranks of the SSL rapidly, though he has been greatly aided by the leadership's tendencies toward homicide. As a native Oklahoman who grew up in this area, he is able to effortlessly slip between his …

  • Jamal Lincoln

    Always immaculately dressed and well-spoken, Jamal - called 'Money' among his fellow gangmembers due to his expensive taste - has become the public face of the Rollin' 60s Crips. He comes across as polite and educated, civilized even, but make no mistake: …

  • Evarita Pedraza

    Daughter of a long dead Zetas soldier, Eva grew up among criminals so she knows the lingo and how to survive. She is obsessed with destroying the organization and knows they are tied to the supernatural, although she is smart enough to never interject …

  • Rivka Levy

    Sister to [[:adina-levy | Adina Levy]], Rivka met [[:the-seeker-2 | Jack Carter]] outside the Boom(er) Boom(er) Club. Later, she appeared to deal with two of the mute cultists herself but was unable to prevent Adina from being badly injured.

  • Kimberly Howell

    The sole survivor of the Howell fortune following the tragic (but mysterious) deaths of her family at the hands of radical narco-communist terrorists, Kimberly has been the Kardashian of Oklahoma for years and has been famous simply for being famous. She …