Bavinger House



The Bavinger House was completed in 1955 in Norman, Oklahoma, United States. It was designed by architect Bruce Goff. Considered a significant example of organic architecture, it was promptly purchase (and in fact, commissioned by) Thaddeus Solomon. As the home of a wizard, there are inevitably … oddities about this location.

Foremost among these oddities are the dimensions: put simply, it is larger on the inside and none of the internal geography really matches. There are rooms and hallways that stretch out for miles. Even more troubling is that these internal dimensions occasionally … shift. Sometimes it is smaller on the inside. Sometimes it is larger.

Theme: “Wizard

All things White Council that pass through the city come to Bavinger House. Doctor Solomon’s reputation, even among the mundies who do avoid the truth or are unaware of it, as an expert on dealing with would-be demonologists or diabolists does a surprisingly good job at quelling any such warlocks who opt to try their wicked luck somewhere else. He is still considered a Warden by association due to his past history with them and has good relations with all of those who wear the gray cloak.


Face: Sofía Torres.

The student of the late Thaddeus Solomon, Sofía has taken over his position following his recent demise. She is more than aware that she has very large shoes to fill, particularly since her mentor has been in the Oklahoma City area for nearly an entire century. Thanks to her previous experience as Solomon’s teaching assistant, she has assumed his position as guest lecturer at OU, although the intensity of her new duties has ensured that she has not had much time to actually teach.

Game Notes

Bavinger House is constructed atop a Ley Node with an Intensity of 6. While on the grounds, characters who already possess Magery are treated as though their Magery level is 1 higher than normal (so someone with Magery 0 is treated as though they have Magery 1.) Thus, for the benefit of ritual path magic, the house is treated a +2 place of power for gathering of energy purposes.

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Bavinger House

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