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Bizzell Memorial Library is located in the heart of the Norman OU campus, just east of the iconic clock tower. Students, faculty and staff can visit to find study areas, get research assistance, borrow materials, use computer workstations, or visit the Bookmark Cafe on Lower Level One. Some notable spaces within Bizzell include the newly renovated Helmerich Collaborative Learning Center, the iconic Great Reading Room, and the world renown History of Science Collections.

The special collections department at OU is usually an untapped trove of resources that tell not only about the history of the State of Oklahoma but is also filled with resources dating before the 15th century. There is an extensive Bible/religious text section, a evolution of Science Section, Old texts explaining the development of the Western World, as well as a well-rounded photography archive which holds more that 2 million original photographs that show the development of the University, Populated Cities and Towns, Native Americans and their customs, Outlaws, Cowboys, the Cattle Trade and other iconic depictions of the developing West.

Theme “A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

Every would-be student who has ever been on a tour at OU will be taken to the Stacks in the Bizzell Library. It is the place where the Library keeps a plethora of books that aren’t fit to be displayed proudly in some of the grander locations. And every student who ever goes on a tour will be told in a spooky voice from their guide that the Stacks are invariably haunted. There have been rumors of people falling through the floors, a boy decided to hang himself during finals week, or lovers meeting for a tryst suddenly disappearing with a blood curdling scream. Of course one’s natural inclination is to brush it off. But eventually, every student who puts for a bit of effort in their studies will one night wind up in the cramp, dimly lit, Stacks looking for that one book. You are forced to wind your way through the never ending shelves that seem to balance precariously upon old glass slabs that allow you to see the many floors below you. The eerie green glow that the old glass floors cast makes everything seem a bit unnatural, and the strong musty smell of old literature seems to suffocate your senses.

But of course those are just stories.


The Face: Will Roice

Will is a grad student and Teaching Assistant at the University. He and Sofia often keep each other company when burning the midnight oil in special collections at Bizzell. Sometimes they grab a beer at The Library and talk about their research or faculty politics. It is a comfortable association that has evolved into a contented friendship.

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Bizzel Memorial Library

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