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Since the recession of 2008, many people from coastal states have migrated to OKC in order to try to capitalize on the low cost of living, and the more milder recession conditions that this city has to offer. Still, it could never be as entertaining as the East or West Coast and so collections of shops, eateries, and clubs have cropped up over the last few years to make it seem more entertaining and to make sure that the people who came here would stay. The Boom(er) Boom(er) Club, which is a sister site to the popular Boom Boom Club in Manhattan (artfully renamed to give the illusion of solidarity), is one of the hottest new clubs in the OKC metro.

Threat: “All She Wants to Do is Dance

The newest club in the city, it is also the hottest and most exclusive. To gain entrance, one has to be young and pretty so naturally, college students make up the majority of the clientele. Once inside the oppressively loud club, the laser light show on the floor plays havoc with one’s vision and the bass rattles their teeth. Within moments, one becomes desensitized to the noise and, within moments, finds one’s self responding to the music. Some are revved up, like they are mainlining adrenaline, while others find themselves zoned out and more mellow than a bag of weed could accomplish. The following day, the headache ensues and it sticks around until another visit to the club takes place. And it is so easy to lose one’s self in the beat and rhythm of the music…

Already, Oklahoma law enforcement is investigating this club for dozens of violations but somehow, no charges ever stick around.


The Face: Adina Levy

Adina is a native Israeli, who has come to OU on an exchange scholarship program. She was Sofia’s neighbor in the dumpy little apartments where they both resided (until Sofia found herself evicted). She was also the first friend Sofia made when she came to Oklahoma. Scared of what had happened, and nervous about starting her new life in the States, Adina made that transition more bearable.

Adina does know that Sofia is a wizard and thinks it is unbearably cool.

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Boom(er) Boom(er) Club

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