Devon Tower



Devon Energy Center is a 50-story corporate skyscraper in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and is tied as the 39th tallest building in the United States. Construction began October 6, 2009, and was completed in October 2012. The tower is located next to the historic Colcord Hotel, which Devon currently owns, on Sheridan Avenue between Hudson and Robinson Avenues.

The office tower, a six-story rotunda and a six-story podium structure comprise more than 1,800,000 square feet and was initially estimated to cost $750 million; however, the first formal appraisal of the tower and complex came in at only $707.9 million. It serves as the northern anchor of Oklahoma City’s aggressive Core to Shore downtown redevelopment project.

Surprisingly, despite being only 50-stories, Robert Mankiller discovered there is a 51st floor that serves as Diana Raith’s base of operations.

Threat: “She Blinded Me With Science

Through suspicious means, Devon is trying to merge science and technology in some fashion. Probably for nefarious purposes, of course.


The Face: Harold Ingram

Senior executive in charge of the blandly named “Special Projects” in Devon, very few within this corporation are clear on what his actual job consists of. Which is exactly how he likes it. He may or may not have been suborned by Diana Raith; if he isn’t, he is cooperating with her freely which indicates their respective goals currently coincide…

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Devon Tower

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