Gangland Eastside



Hit hardest by the economic downturn and the city’s active efforts at neighborhood gentrification, the Eastside is rapidly becoming infested with abandoned or neglected properties side-by-side with comerical and high-class residential properties. Naturally, this leads to strife as more of the black population being slowly forced into the Northwest of the city.

Threat: “Gangsta’s Paradise

Home to the state’s largest African American community, the eastside has suffered gang problems since the 1980s when the Bloods and the Crips expanded out of Los Angeles. As the economy turned, this region was hardest hit which forced many to relocate elsewhere and as those residents relocate, other predators move in. Not only is the persistent low-intensity warfare between the Crips and the Bloods an issue, but other … things now stalk the streets. The Eastside is a favored hunting ground for the Red Court vampires affiliated with the Hispanic gangs on the Southside and the clued-in Eastside gang members recognize that this is simply another symptom to their ongoing wars with the Mexican gangs. Law enforcement is notoriously absent in this area or, if they do make an appearance, it is a token one after the fact, prompting many to complain about police corruption or general disinterest in black lives.


The Face: Jamal “Money” Lincoln

Always immaculately dressed and well-spoken, Jamal – called ‘Money’ among his fellow gangmembers due to his expensive taste – has become the public face of the Rollin’ 60s Crips. He comes across as polite and educated, civilized even, but make no mistake: he is a killer through and through. While he brings an illusion of respectability to his gang, that is all it is: an illusion.

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Gangland Eastside

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