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A region of constrasts, the Southside has, in recent years, become densely packed with big box retailers and restaurants along the I-240 corridor. At the same time, nestled within the streets, a growing gang problem has begun to actively threaten the locals who just want to live their lives. Unlike the Capitol Hill neighborhood in the inner city that also has a large Hispanic population, this region has become a hotbed for illegal immigrants due to its location close to the interstate. Most visitors to the the I-240 shopping corridor are able to avoid the worst parts of the Southside and the resulting gang presence, but all it takes is a few wrong turns and suddenly, one has entered no-man’s land.

Threat: “Mexican Radio

With a growing Hispanic community – principally Mexican with an ever-increasing number of illegal immigrants trickling into the city – the Southside has, in recent years, turned into a deadly place to live. By no means are all of the inhabitants involved in gang activities, but most of those residents who aren’t have familial ties to them or are simply too intimidated to report any observed crimes. The Southside has not yet become an unofficial ‘no-go’ zone for police but with the constant conflict between the larger gangs, it only seems to be a matter of time before it does.

There are three major gangs in the area that cause the majority of the trouble. The Grande Barrio Centrale (GBC) and the Juaritos are both dangerous in their own right, but the largest threat are the South Side Locos (SSL) whose numbers have swelled thanks to the influx of illegals. Drugs are the primary source of income for the SSL, which means they have under-the-table support from the Red Court.


The Face: Hector Muñoz

A lifelong gangmember, Hector has risen through the ranks of the SSL rapidly, though he has been greatly aided by the leadership’s tendencies toward homicide. As a native Oklahoman who grew up in this area, he is able to effortlessly slip between his street personality and a more Americanized face so as to more easily move through the populace. Initially, he was mocked as being a poser but his gang leader (at the time) quickly came to recognize the advantage this has given them and agreed to allow Hector to adopt what amounts to a secret identity. Soon after, that particular gang leader died in a drive-by shooting so no one else in the gang is aware that Hector is living two lives. As a result, there are whispers of a shadow enforcer who does the SSL’s bidding but no one knows what he looks like. Supernatural abilities have been attributed to this enforcer and this has drawn the further attention of the local Red Court agents.

Hector has taken the unprecedented step of opening dialogues with his gang’s rivals and many suspect that he has an eye on consolidating power and uniting all of the Hispanic gangs under his leadership.

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Gangland Southside

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