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  • Supernatural Status Quo

    “Red Court vampires control the drug trade through Mexican gangs which means they have their fingers in a lot of the city’s crime. While the White Court has only a nominal presence in the city in the form of a single vampire, her power structure is rapidly growing. And the Faerie courts clash repeatedly, as the wild weather of the city shows.”

  • Mundane Status Quo

    “Reddest state in the Union. Law enforcement struggle to contain the growing drug and gang problems caused by the city’s sudden growth, and none of them have time for wild, fanciful delusions about monsters and vampires. The news media doesn’t care either, being so focused on finding the Oklahoma Connection to national and world news. Most bystanders just want to pretend things are normal.”

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I was greatly influenced by Dresden Files Dallas in terms of Look & Feel, especially the main Wiki page.

Main Page

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