Neutral Grounds



A hole-in-the-wall coffee shop buried in the heart of the Little Saigon District of OKC, this tiny shop is nearly impossible to find unless you are actively looking for it. Accorded Neutral Territory, it has exactly one thing on the menu: coffee. And it is the best damned coffee you will ever have.

Pricing is done oddly here – there is only what most would call a tip jar and drinkers put what they think their coffee is worth.

The only food available is what someone has brought in. Neutral Grounds does not even carry pre-packaged cakes or donuts or anything like that.

Theme: “I Don’t Really Want To Get Involved

The shopowner Lei goes out of her way to maintain neutrality in all matters, although she has on occasion interfered in little ways. To enforce her neutrality, she has obtained a subtle but staggeringly powerful ward that absorbs, deflects or diffuses hostile energies. Particularly aggressive patrons may find their energies redirected in their direction threefold – no real violence can be done within the confines of this shop because of it and only fools even bother making the effort. Want to throw a punch in Neutral Grounds? Good luck with that.

Curiously, there has been instances in the past when outside forces moved against Neutral Grounds and found themselves facing a completely unexpected unified force of patrons. In at least one instance, a gang in the area attempted to firebomb the coffee shop when Lei refused to pay their extortion fees and, to a man, the members of this short-lived criminal enterprise vanished. Some of the patrons openly admit their roles in this – Lady Raith, for example, will readily acknowledge that she personally ate three of them, and Lady Aoibheal of the Summer Court always brings two very lovely-looking hounds she calls Binh and Duong with her when the subject is brought up – but most only smile and change the subject. Since then, no one has dared even contemplate trying anything quite as foolish as threatening the shop..


Face: Lei

Not much is known about Lei other than the fact that she makes the best coffee in the city, perhaps the state or maybe even the world. She also appears ageless – she opened this shop in 1956 and has not visibly changed in appearance (apart from the occasional hair style alterations) in that time. Thaddeus Solomon has known her even longer. How she managed to get her shop ‘Accorded Neutral Territory’ is unknown, but then, she’s full of surprises…

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Neutral Grounds

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