Red Court

The Red Court is one of the Vampire Courts.


Red Court vampires are monstrous creatures, who disguise themselves as humans; they prey upon humans and drink their blood. Their organization is the Red Court.

The Red Court of Vampires are less human-like than the White Court. Instead they are slimy bat-like creatures hidden behind incredibly sensuous human costumes (made of an outer skin) called a “flesh mask”. They use these flesh masks to trick their prey into being more comfortable and to hide in plain sight.

Abilities and Vulnerabilities

  • They are incredibly strong and fast, and can shake off any injury quickly.
  • They are vulnerable to sunlight and to having their bellies cut open, which could spill the blood they have drunk and eventually kill them—at the least, this seriously weakens them and puts them out of a battle.
  • Crosses and other forms of Faith magic don’t repel them like with Black Court vampires having a more solid footing in reality. There have been exceptions to this, but only those who are truly devout.

“The Kiss”

Their saliva contains a potent magical narcotic which givea the prey a euphoric feeling and is highly addictive, allowing the Red Court to control their victims rather easily. The narcotic lowers the victim’s inhibitions while dulling the pain of the vampire’s bite. Addicted humans have been shown to go to great lengths to protect their vampiric masters, and willingly provided information from the mortal community as needed.

This ability is commonly referred to as this “the Kiss”. Half-vampires have it in their saliva but not as strongly as full-vampires.

Transformation of Others

The Red Court was also capable of transforming ordinary humans into vampires in a two-step process: the human was first infected with the vampiric thirst for blood (gaining supernatural speed, strength and endurance in the process) and then completed the change into the demonic form upon killing a human victim in their first feeding.

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Red Court

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