The Capitol



The Oklahoma State Capitol is the house of government of the U.S. state of Oklahoma. It is the building that houses the Oklahoma Legislature and executive branch offices. It is located along Lincoln Boulevard in Oklahoma City. The present structure includes a dome completed in 2002. The building is a National Historic Landmark.

The state capitol complex is the only state capitol grounds in the United States with active oil rigs.

An ongoing renovation project intended to repair the crumbling infrastructure continues to hit snags and encounter delays which is symptomatic of so many government programs: a vast black hole that sucks in money without ever showing signs of progress.

Threat: “Breaking the Law

Like a great tree that is rotten at its core, corruption has seeped into the state government and extends its decaying tendrils out, attempting to infect all that it touches. Naive idealists come to the Capitol with dreams of changing the world for the better only to find that they are the ones who change. Faceless bureaucrats (sometimes literally, though you have to actively seek those out and sometimes, you still won’t find them) run much of the state by fiat. An everywhere, there are the true architects of civilization’s collapse: lawyers.


The Face: Lilith Morgan

Junior Partner at Wolfram and Hart, one of the largest law firms currently in existence, Lilith is the senior executive of the Oklahoma City branch and might possibly be the most powerful woman in the state. She has connections to every member of the legislature, regardless of party, has the governor’s private number, and can get any official on the phone within minutes. Her name is whispered in the halls of power with both fear and awe. It is jokingly said that she make a person completely disappear with a single phone call … but no one laughs because they’re afraid it might be true. If there is any one person who pulls all of the strings of state government, it is Lilith.

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The Capitol

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