The White Council

The White Council is a large worldwide organization of human wizards, and is seen as their governing body.


It is controlled by the Senior Council. The goal of the White Council is to protect mankind from the abuses of magic as outlined in the Seven Laws of Magic.


Senior Council

The Senior Council is the ruling body of the White Council. In theory the Senior Council is comprised of seven of the oldest wizards in the White Council. When a member dies the next several eldest members of the White Council are put forth as candidates and one is selected to join.


The Merlin is the leader of the Senior Council. When members of the Senior Council are absent, the Merlin is endowed with their votes. The position is named after the wizard who founded the Council.

The current Merlin is Arthur Langtry.


The Gatekeeper is a position in the White Council, though the exact nature of this position is not well known.

The current Gatekeeper is Rashid.

The Wardens

The Wardens are the White Council’s version of cops. Wardens can be identified by their grey cloaks and swords, which they use to execute those found in violation of the Laws of Magic, so as not to violate the Laws themselves. Because of the former, they are also known as the Order of the Grey Cloak.


The White Council has existed in one form or another since pre-Roman times.

Its headquarters have been moved several times. Among its place of location have been Alexandria, Carthage, Rome, the Vatican in the early days of the Christian Church, Constantinople and Madrid. Since the end of the Middle Ages, for a little under five hundred years, the White Council’s headquarters have been the Hidden Halls of Edinburgh; the complex is located beneath the city, with its main part occupying the space under Castle Edinburgh.

The Old School of Wizardry originated from the Old World—Western Europe—and maintains an attitude of: “maintain secrecy and don’t attract attention”.

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The White Council

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