Hector Muñoz

Rising Star in the Southside Locos gang


A lifelong gangmember, Hector has risen through the ranks of the SSL rapidly, though he has been greatly aided by the leadership’s tendencies toward homicide. As a native Oklahoman who grew up in this area, he is able to effortlessly slip between his street personality and a more Americanized face so as to more easily move through the populace. Initially, he was mocked as being a poser but his gang leader (at the time) quickly came to recognize the advantage this has given them and agreed to allow Hector to adopt what amounts to a secret identity. Soon after, that particular gang leader died in a drive-by shooting so no one else in the gang is aware that Hector is living two lives. As a result, there are whispers of a shadow enforcer who does the SSL’s bidding but no one knows what he looks like. Supernatural abilities have been attributed to this enforcer and this has drawn the further attention of the local Red Court agents.

Hector has taken the unprecedented step of opening dialogues with his gang’s rivals and many suspect that he has an eye on consolidating power and uniting all of the Hispanic gangs under his leadership.

Hector Muñoz

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