• ┬áS.A. Curtmantle

    A fifteen year veteran, Arthur Curtmantle is currently in charge of the Special Investigations Division (SID), also known as the Ghost Squad, which many of his colleagues considered a demotion, even though he actively pressed for the assignment. As an …

  • Howard Lee

    * Born 1979 * 8 years in the Army (1997-2005); 2 tours in Sandbox * 4 years in college (-2009) * 5 years in OSBI * Divorced 2 years ago

  • S.A. Hawkins

    Supervisory Special Agent. The boss of both [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] and [[:the-seeker-2 | Jack Carter]], he is quite frequently stressed out by his best agents' utter refusal to play by the rules or follow the book.

  • Jack Carter

    Partner of Agent [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] and the OSBI's resident crazy person, this character was built using the Occultist template in MH: Sidekicks and was constructed to consciously emulate Fox Mulder from The X-Files. Rather than his sister …

  • Dr. Irene Waller

    Unflappable B-movie-fan, Dr. Waller seems to be unfazed by everything and derives a worrisome amount of glee at grossing out the law enforcement officers who visit her. Along with most everyone else, [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] calls her "Doc Morbid."

  • Cosima Niehaus

    A new lab tech at OSBI. Agent [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] is seriously, seriously freaked out over her appearance - she's the spitting image (admittedly with glasses and dreadlocks) of [[:beth-childs | Beth Childs]], whose death he investigated. …

  • The Warrior

    New character to be introduced in "Book 6: Clean Slate." He is new to OSBI and has been assigned to the Special Investigations Department. Trained from birth to be a "weapon," he turned his back on his family's traditions but fate has a way of getting its …