•  S.A. Curtmantle

    A fifteen year veteran, Arthur Curtmantle is currently in charge of the Special Investigations Division (SID), also known as the Ghost Squad, which many of his colleagues considered a demotion, even though he actively pressed for the assignment. As an …

  • Howard Lee

    * Born 1979 * 8 years in the Army (1997-2005); 2 tours in Sandbox * 4 years in college (-2009) * 5 years in OSBI * Divorced 2 years ago

  • S.A. Hawkins

    Supervisory Special Agent. The boss of both [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] and [[:the-seeker-2 | Jack Carter]], he is quite frequently stressed out by his best agents' utter refusal to play by the rules or follow the book.

  • Jack Carter

    Partner of Agent [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] and the OSBI's resident crazy person, this character was built using the Occultist template in MH: Sidekicks and was constructed to consciously emulate Fox Mulder from The X-Files. Rather than his sister …

  • Dr. Irene Waller

    Unflappable B-movie-fan, Dr. Waller seems to be unfazed by everything and derives a worrisome amount of glee at grossing out the law enforcement officers who visit her. Along with most everyone else, [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] calls her "Doc Morbid."

  • Cosima Niehaus

    A new lab tech at OSBI. Agent [[:the-lawman-1 | Howard Lee]] is seriously, seriously freaked out over her appearance - she's the spitting image (admittedly with glasses and dreadlocks) of [[:beth-childs | Beth Childs]], whose death he investigated. …

  • Wufei "Woo" Qing

    A sole child, Woo's birth father was cop mysteriously killed in line of duty which ultimately led to young Wufei mildly obsessed with discovering exactly how his father died. His mother was originally trained in martial arts by his [[:grandma-gao | …