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  •  Thaddeus Solomon

    Very little about this character's true history is known. His current cover story is that he is a guest lecturer at the University of Oklahoma in the area of occult studies. By his accent, he is originally British and he has a reputation among both the …

  • Sofia Torres

    [[File:333903 | class=media-item-align-center | indian_chief.jpg]] *Sofía's bike* Sofía Isabel Contreras was born on the outskirts of Puerto Natales, Chile, in 1964, making her 52 (as of 2016). Her mother was a low-level talent who identified her …

  • Auric Craft

    Bold and brash, Auric constantly gets under [[:the-apprentice-1 | Sophia’s]] skin. An apprentice, like her, Auric sometimes works with [[:thaddeus-solomon | Solomon]] even though Solomon has never declared Auric as his apprentice. When Sophia asks Solomon …

  • Warden Morgan

    Grim, battle-hardened and very dangerous, Donald Morgan is perhaps one of if not _the_ most infamous Warden of the entire Council. He accompanied Wizard [[:thaddeus-solomon | Solomon]] with three other Wardens to deal with [[:james-ross | James Ross]].

  • Warden Bullock

    An expert with Earth magic, Warden Bullock accompanied Warden [[:warden-donald-morgan | Morgan]] and Wizard [[:thaddeus-solomon | Solomon]] against [[:james-ross | James Ross]].

  • Warden Lee

    Youngest of the Wardens who accompanied Warden [[:warden-donald-morgan | Morgan]] and Wizard [[:thaddeus-solomon | Solomon]] to handle [[:james-ross | James Ross]], Warden Lee prefers air over all other elements.

  • Warden Greene

    An expert with fire magic, Warden Greene accompanied Warden [[:warden-donald-morgan | Morgan]] and Wizard [[:thaddeus-solomon | Solomon]] against [[:james-ross | James Ross]]. He was critically injured during the fight.

  • Magister Katerine

    The wizard who first instructed [[:thaddeus-solomon | Thaddeus Solomon's]] master, Katherine foolishly tried to trick the Summer Queen in a gambit to gain more power. Exact specifics are unavailable (she's not talking about it), but the best guess is that …

  • Harry Dresden

    [[File:336403 | class=media-item-align-center | DresdenAd.jpg]] He's in the book. In the supernatural community, he's rapidly becoming something of a legend. According to rumor, not only has defeated at least two rival practitioners of the Art (by …

  • Ebenezar McCoy

    Ebenezar McCoy is a Senior Council member on the White Council of Wizards. He holds the secret position of Blackstaff, a covert wetworks position, he's held for at least a century or longer. As an established member of the White Council, Ebenezar is …