Minor Talents

Where White Council Wizards are the elite of the magical world – the one percent, as it were – the vast majority of those who can actually use magic are generally referred to as minor talents. There are several different types of practitioners outside of wizards and there are always exponentially more minor talents than there are true wizards. Most practitioners fall into one of the below categories.


Wizards who seek to qualify for the White Council do not always meet its criteria for eligibility or, in rare instances, chose not to accept membership are often known as sorcerers. They are often self-taught or lack the resources and knowledge base of the White Council. The term is sometimes used as a pejorative, with the connotation of a dangerous or destructive individual. Harold Ingram falls into this category.

Minor Talents

Practitioners with a small magical ability, such as access to a single spell (like turning into a wolf, for example) or access to a single school of magic (like someone who is only able to affect chance or is only able to hyper-accelerate their speed. Rosalee Calvert is a minor talent.


Practitioners who have violated on the laws of magic, warlocks can be any kind of a practitioner, regardless of their power level. A White Council wizard who becomes a necromancer is classified as such just as the idiot minor talent who is only capable of using the Jedi Mind Trick and abuses it to get laid. Inevitably, warlocks are going to run afoul of the Wardens of the White Council and literally lose their heads.

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Minor Talents

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